It was very encouraging to observe the manner in which you responded to your client in time of urgent needs as in the case of the accidental activation of the sprinkler head involving Beacon Shipping Investments Pte Ltd in their office at The Central. Turning up late in the night on a public holiday, helping clients to notify the Insurers to activate loss adjusters and accompanying the client's till past 0300 hours for the post-disaster restoration works are the trademarks of a caring Broker.

A perfect partnership has been formed with NRM Insurance Solution (Pte. Ltd.) and Antscom since 2007. I have found NRM to be professional and results-driven at all times.

When we arrived in Singapore in 2008 we quickly realized we would require a sound local guide to aid us through the process of insurance in this new region - luckily we were introduced to NRM Insurance Agency (Pte. Ltd.).

We we have been dealing with NRM Insurance Agency (Pte. Ltd.) since 2008. During this period, they have provided excellent advice and support in the areas of our business insurance needs and requirements.

I have known Patrick Tan of NRM Insurance Agency Pte Ltd since 1993. He has been a specialist in providing corporate solution to both local and foreign based companies in Singapore to date.

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