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This is me ...

"The first time I stepped onto a helicopter was in 1993. More than 25 years later, I still cannot fly the aircraft. My journey in the insurance industry started then, and I never looked back."

NRM Insurance was founded in 2010, and it has given me many opportunities to work with overseas and local companies with diverse business profiles. 

NRM Insurance begun a new chapter in 2020, building a team of specialists with their own field of expertise.



Michael Kwang (Director)

It was very encouraging to observe the manner in which you responded to your client in time of urgent needs as in the case of the accidental activation of the sprinkler head involving Beacon Shipping Investments Pte Ltd in their office at The Central

Aimee Helliwell
(Managing Director)

When we arrived in Singapore in 2008 we quickly realized we would require a sound local guide to aid us through the process of insurance in this new region - luckily we were introduced to NRM Insurance Agency (Pte. Ltd.).

Sebastian Tan
(Chief Corporate Solutions Officer)

I have known Patrick Tan of NRM Insurance Agency Pte Ltd since 1993. He has been a specialist in providing corporate solution to both local and foreign based companies in Singapore to date.


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