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"Recognize risk, negotiate solutions, secure success"


Founded in May 2020
NRM Insurance Agency Pte Ltd firmly took root in May 2020 with an unwavering commitment to providing top-notch insurance solutions meticulously tailored for the Singapore market.

At NRM, our objective goes beyond merely securing your business; it's about safeguarding your interests once you become our valued client. In the event of a claim, we step in to guide you on how to optimize your claim and protect your personal and company interests.

We take a proactive stance and stand by your side when negotiating with underwriters to secure the best possible settlement outcome within our capacity. While our services may only sometimes be the cheapest option in town, our commitment and dedication far exceed your investment.

Founder's Expertise
It was founded by Patrick Tan, a seasoned professional with more than 3 decades of experience in the insurance industry. Patrick started his career as a financial advisor and transitioned to commercial insurance in 1996.

Dedication to Commercial Insurance
Commercial insurance stems from its diverse spectrum of businesses and the distinct risk exposures it entails. Each business model introduces complexities, rendering the field dynamic and intellectually stimulating.

Risk Assessment and Solutions
Approach thoroughly studies clients' risk exposures to recommend precise solutions. This ensures that potential gaps in coverage are effectively addressed.

Claim Expertise
NRM has handled numerous claims, ranging from as low as $ 1,000 to substantial sums. Each claim is meticulously monitored, and the agency works closely with insurers and clients to facilitate the claim process.

Attention to Detail
NRM is known for its meticulous attention to detail, recognizing that insurance is often a binary decision - either a claim is accepted or denied. This commitment ensures that all underwriting requirements are met and that any risk exposures are appropriately addressed.

Balancing Cost and Coverage
While cost is a factor, NRM does not compromise on policy coverage, terms, and conditions to cut corners. The agency prioritizes securing comprehensive coverage to protect clients' businesses effectively.

Long-Standing Client Relationships
NRM has nurtured enduring client relationships since Patrick Tan's inception in the commercial insurance field in 1996. Many clients have entrusted multiple risk exposures to NRM over the years.

Core Business Focus
NRM's core business areas include Employee Benefits, Directors and officers (D&O) Insurance, Professional Indemnity, Product Liability Insurance, Cyber Insurance, and Marine Insurance.

Niche Specialization
As specialists in these niche services, NRM is well-versed in various business sectors with similar risk concerns but distinct requirements.

Utilizing Technology
NRM deploy IT solutions to enhance the underwriting process, streamline claims management, and meet clients' evolving requirements with precision and productivity.

Dedicated Team Members
NRM boasts a dedicated team of three experienced producers, each specializing in their field with a decade of experience in the industry.

Efficient Back-End Support
The agency also deploys a dedicated back-end support team to ensure smooth workflow execution, minimize mistakes, and enhance client satisfaction.

NRM Insurance Agency Pte Ltd, under the leadership of Patrick Tan and supported by a talented team, stands out as a dynamic and client-focused insurance agency committed to delivering excellence in commercial insurance. With a blend of expertise, attention to detail, and technological innovation, NRM continues to provide tailored solutions to safeguard businesses in Singapore.



It was very encouraging to observe the manner in which you responded to your client in time of urgent needs as in the case of the accidental activation of the sprinkler head involving Beacon Shipping Investments Pte Ltd in their office at The Central

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