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S.I.T insurance covers all types of luxury bags, whether new or used and is the best way to protect your vintage or modern watch while it is being shipped. The main problem with traditional carrier insurance is the lengthy list of exclusions, and the most expensive and fragile items are always excluded.

Watch Store

Exquisite Watches and Handbags

Markets are trading across the border, and shipment is moving around the world every day.

Businesses stand to lose financially in the event of a catastrophic event during transit. Does your carrier include shipping insurance for your high-value items such as exquisite watches and handbags?

Or do you have a better alternative?

S.I.T offers open cover with high limits for high value items and seamless activation of covers

Container and bulk cargo transit by sea or land

Ad hoc Cover

This form of insurance is suitable for infrequent or occasional shipment for a specific voyage.


Open Cover

Suitable for clients with regular cargo movements, the Open Cover is an automatic facility insuring shipments on rates, terms, cover limits and conditions pre-agreed from the inception of policy.


Annual Cover

All shipments are on pre-agreed limits, terms and conditions automatically insured throughout the entire policy period. The Policy is designed for businesses with a high volume of shipments.


The estimated annual value of shipment is used to determine the minimum deposit premium at the commencement of cover. The actual premium is then adjusted at the end of each policy period to reflect the actual value of shipments made during the period. 

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