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Depending on the setup, each business has its business risks exposure.

Here are the five critical areas of operation that are more vulnerable to business risk.


  • When was your most recent renovation? Have you thought about the cost of inflation?

  • Do you own or lease the property you occupied? What is the contractual obligation to the landlord?

  • In a disaster, do you have a backup location for day-to-day operations?


  • Where do you store your finished goods, and what controls do you have in place to ensure the safety of your stocks?

  • When hosting a promotional event, do you bring out your stocks and display them outside your premises? If so, what liabilities does the venue impose on you?


  • Do you keep data backups in-house or with a third party?

  • What is your contingency plan in the event of a cyber breach?

  • How quickly can you restore operational status following a breach?

  • Is your company utilizing a professional team to handle cyber breaches?


  • How do you ensure that your employees are well-cared for while on the job or travelling?

  • What are your legal/contractual obligations regarding foreign labour/talents?

(5) Liability

  • Do you have any investors? Do you own the majority of the shares?

  • Do you have a manager or officer who has the authority to act on the company's behalf?

  • Do you give your customers professional advice and implement solutions?

These are some of the risks that a company must consider protecting its assets.


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