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Protect Your Shipment with  S.I.T Marine Insurance

S.I.T Marine Insurance offer comprehensive marine insurance coverage for all your shipment needs in Singapore. Our marine insurance policy provides worldwide coverage and easy activation, making it convenient for you to protect your luxury goods cargo against unforeseen risks during transit.

How it works.png

How it works

The policy is designed to protect your luxury goods during transit. Purchase before the shipment leaves and receive coverage against damage or loss. In the event of a claim, our global team of claim adjusters will assess any damage or loss to ensure prompt reimbursement.

What is Covered.png

What is covered

S.I.T policy covers include theft, damage, and loss during transit. S.I.T is designed for luxury goods shipment by air and incoterm CIF. 

Coverage Limit.png

Coverage limits

S.I.T. coverage offers a limit of up to $300,000 per shipment, with a minimum premium of $100 per shipment. This ensures your cargo is protected against a wide range of potential risks without breaking the bank.


Worldwide coverage

S.I.T. policy covers shipments worldwide, including major ports and inland locations. So whether shipping to Asia, Europe, or South America, you can rest assured that your cargo is protected against damage or loss during transport.

Ease to use.png

Ease of activation

Quickly activate your insurance policy with minimal paperwork and hassle. We offer open cover upon approval of your application and require only the AWB and sales invoice for each shipment.

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