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Singapore's Marine Insurance Landscape

Welcome to the world of maritime protection in Singapore, where the sails of commerce are bolstered by the reliable anchor of Singapore marine insurance. 

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In this bustling global trade hub, your cargo's safety takes centre stage, supported by two prominent options: 

  • Marine open cover and 

  • Marine annual cover. 


These choices epitomize the maritime industry's dedication to tailored solutions that safeguard your assets amidst the ebb and flow of international waters.


Welcome to Secure in Transit (S.I.T.) marine insurance hub, where challenges meet innovative solutions to ensure the safety and efficiency of your cargo's journey. Navigating the complex waters of maritime logistics can be daunting, especially when administrative obstacles hinder your cargo's protection.


As a shipper, you're no stranger to the delicate choreography required to orchestrate seamless shipments. However, the administrative aspects of marine insurance often introduce unnecessary hurdles, causing delays due to timing issues, awaiting document creation, or grappling with paperwork during holidays.


Challenges: Navigating the Maritime Maze

The rhythm of maritime operations should not be disrupted by administrative bottlenecks. Waiting for essential drafts, seeking correspondence approvals, and battling paperwork during non-working hours can jeopardize your cargo's safety and the efficiency of your operations. These challenges underscore the need for a dynamic solution that empowers shippers to retain control over their cargo's protection, irrespective of external factors.

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Solution: Enter the E-Marine Portal

Enter the game-changing solution S.I.T. e-Marine Portal, brought to you by N.R.M. Insurance Agency. This innovative platform provides direct, 24/7 access to essential insurance functions. Seamlessly create certificates as needed without being constrained by time zones or working hours. Gone are the days of waiting for drafts or approvals - the E-Marine Portal streamlines the entire process, offering instant generation, amendments, and the ability to download signed documents promptly.



On-Demand Efficiency
Need a certificate in the middle of the night or during a public holiday? The E-Marine Portal stands ready to serve your needs around the clock.

Streamlined Amendments

Mistakes can occur but shouldn't hinder your operations. The portal allows swift amendments, ensuring your documentation remains accurate and up-to-date.

Invoice Flexibility
Enjoy the freedom to generate tax invoices on your terms - whether on-demand or according to your preferred monthly schedule for effortless payment management.

Empowering Your Cargo's Journey
S.I.T. E-Marine Portal propels your cargo's voyage into enhanced ease and convenience. We're committed to turning challenges into opportunities, granting you the authority to protect your cargo confidently and efficiently. Bid farewell to administrative complexities and embrace seamless operations through our user-friendly, innovative solution.

Are you ready to take the helm and navigate your cargo's journey with utmost control? Discover the unparalleled convenience of the S.I.T. E-Marine Portal today. Let's embark on a journey where your cargo's protection and peace of mind are our priorities.


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