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Why join NRM?

We've been in the insurance business since 1993, giving us more than 25 years of experience. We have in-depth knowledge of the A&H, Marine, Financial Lines, and Personal Lines industries, as well as strong working relationships with underwriters.

What are the perks of joining?

We work as a team, sharing our knowledge, and leads are generated from various sources shared by the agency.

What do I gain from NRM?

We help you explore new market segments and build recurring income business models to achieve club status if you haven't already.

Why can't I work alone?

Working alone dilutes your focus between Life and G.i business. We have back-end support to assist you in growing your business, and when we work as a team, we have greater access to the underwriter.

How much time do I need to put into NRM production?

Every baby step gets you closer to your goal; we allow you to run at your own pace.

Which line of business can I do?

You can work in any industry; however, it is recommended to concentrate on two industries as your primary focus.

Do I need to give up my Life business?

You are not required to do so; you can continue to act as a composite agent.


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