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S.I.T Marine Insurance: Elevating Protection for shipment of luxury watches

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For watch dealers with online portals catering to overseas buyers, shipment of luxury watches can be a delicate endeavour fraught with risks. Recognizing the vulnerability of these valuable timepieces, it's crucial to fortify your shipments with marine insurance that safeguards against theft, damage, and loss.

Enter Secure in Transit (S.I.T) Marine Insurance—a sanctuary for watch dealers navigating the intricacies of overseas shipments. Our comprehensive policy extends an unwavering shield, enveloping your shipments from the moment they depart your warehouse until their safe arrival at their final destination. With a global network of vigilant claim adjusters available round the clock, claims are processed promptly, ensuring swift reimbursement.

S.I.T Marine Insurance for Watch Dealers:

  • Comprehensive Coverage:

    • Our policy embraces a diverse spectrum of risks, encompassing theft, damage, loss, delay, strikes, terrorism, and natural calamities.

  • Elevated Coverage Limits:

    • Opt for a coverage limit of up to $300,000 per shipment, empowering you with unmatched protection.

  • Affordable Premiums:

    • Our premiums remain competitive, catering even to high-value shipments, ensuring security doesn't come at a premium.

  • Streamlined Activation:

    • Seamlessly activate your policy online or through a quick phone call, translating to instant protection.

  • Minimal Paperwork:

    • Our claims process is designed for convenience, with minimal paperwork requirements to expedite your shipments.

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S.I.T Marine Insurance presents the ultimate remedy for watch dealers venturing into overseas territories. Contact us today and embark on a journey where your shipments of luxury watches are fortified, and your peace of mind is restored.

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For Watch Retailers and Resellers:

  • Meticulous Packaging: Safeguard your watches with sturdy boxes and ample packing materials to withstand the rigours of transport.

  • Precise Labelling: Clearly label packages with contents and your contact information to ensure seamless handling.

  • Essential Insurance: Enhance your shipments' resilience with marine insurance—an imperative shield against potential risks.

  • Trusted Shipping Partners: Opt for esteemed shipping companies renowned for handling luxury goods with care.

  • Vigilant Monitoring: Monitor shipments' progress closely, ensuring their safe and timely arrival.

  • By embracing these suggestions, watch retailers and resellers can foster the secure passage of their luxury watches, ensuring they arrive at their global destinations unscathed and immaculate.


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