Frequently Asked Questions - About Us


More often than not, every new prospect that we talk to, they have the same concern as you. It is a phenomenon where anyone is faced with changes.

 01  We have a existing broker handling our insurance.

Talking to us does not mean that we have to change any of your existing arrangement with your broker. What we are sharing may be beneficial to you and your company when you need to compare or have a second opinion with regards to putting in place a new policy for your employees or the company.



 02  We don’t need any insurance.

Building a business is similar to building a house; we all need to have a good foundation. With all the new assets built in your business such as Company’s goodwill and reputation, clientele base, data and information, people working with you. Would you would want to protect and keep them?



 03  Can you give us the cheapest premium?

Costing is definitely an important factor when sourcing and placing an insurance risk with any insurer whom we work with. However, what is more important than to have a policy that can meet your needs and requirement.


This is also how we conduct our business; we first understand your needs and we will source for the most cost 

effective program that is available to you.



 04  How do you guarantee your standard of service?

We have being doing what we are doing since 1993. As such you can be assured of is we know our work and we know what our clients will need in term of after sales support. We have our clients' testimonials and more than 20 years of background in this industry, we will deliver our promises.



 05  What can you do to value add to what I already have?

Our aim is to provide you with solutions to solve your problems. So how do we do this?

  • We will first understand your needs then we will source for the solution to solve the problem.

  • We will understand your business work flow and highlight the possible area of risk exposure.

  • We will help you achieve your objective of cost containment.

  • We will assist your employees to understand and better appreaciate their Compensation and Benefits “C&B” with induction and staff briefing session.

  • We will organise work site events to empower your employee with new knowledge that will benefit both the company and his own wellbeing.