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Singapore Healthcare Cost

Is Singapore's healthcare expensive? This is not surprising given that it was recently named the most expensive city globally by a recent study. The cost of healthcare in Singapore is thus one of the many reasons why expatriates purchase private health insurance when they relocate here.

Several factors contribute to healthcare cost inflation, including population ageing, advances in medical technology, and market pricing for healthcare treatment. According to The Business Times, Singapore healthcare benefit costs will rise by 9% in 2022.

Employee benefits programs can include a variety of plans that help employees and their families manage healthcare costs.

Instead of providing upfront allowances, you can reimburse employees for health and wellness expenses. You have complete control over determining reimbursement eligibility instead of a wage increase that is automatically applied to an employee's paycheck.

Components of employee benefit packages

Benefits programs vary greatly, and benefits selection and design are critical components in total compensation costs. A comprehensive employee benefits package may include 03 significant features:

  • Medical Cost

  • Disability Income

  • Bereavement Benefit

The exercise of having an employee benefits program is cost containment. Another goal is to provide peace of mind and the retention of promising talents.


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