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Masterpiece Wine Collections Coverage Highlights

Wine and whisky collections, like all valuables amassed by individuals, must be safeguarded.

Whether you own a few bottles of rare wine or an entire collection of fine wine, insurance for collectibles can provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you'll be able to replace them if something happens to them, such as breakage or spoilage due to mechanical failure.

You are automatically covered for new wine purchases made anywhere in the world with a Chubb Masterpiece® policy. With extensive coverage and unrivalled service, you can rely on Masterpiece to safeguard the special wine or whisky you've amassed over the years.

Agreed value feature

You can determine upfront the value of your wine collection. Then, you get 100% of the agreed value as a cash settlement for total covered losses.

Blanket or Scheduled Items

Alternatively, you can protect the entire collection of wine with blanket coverage, itemise your individual bottles, or do both. It's up to you.

Coverage for Mechanical Breakdown

The policy provides coverage for wines that have been damaged due to loss of utility service or mechanical breakdown of climate control equipment.


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