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Why should firms provide health insurance to their employees?

One of the simplest but most successful ways to reward and attract talent is to provide health insurance as an employee benefit. Health benefits can also help establish a healthy business culture by enhancing productivity, boosting morale, and reducing absenteeism.

Group health insurance is advantageous not only to employees but also to the business. Healthier employees are more productive. Employees are under a lot of stress, especially when a family member is in the hospital. At the very least, health insurance alleviates any financial strain that an employee may be experiencing due to medical treatment costs.

How do human resources go about selecting a benefits administrator?

Choosing a benefits administration provider is becoming an increasingly important decision. According to experts, benefits platforms should be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Their adaptability and scalability to new offerings.

How well they automate administrative workflows.

Human touch is still essential. When it comes to benefits, providers are eager to talk about how great their technology is at making things simple for employees. That's fantastic, but don't forget that good human customer service is essential for answering employee questions and informing benefit selection decisions.

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