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Why is good to travel alone.

Traveling alone is not always a bad thing to do especially if you are doing soul searching and trying to realign your life.

Many of us are worried of being lonely and loss when we travel alone, but this may not necessary be true.

Travelling and holiday by yourself

There are many things we can do to enjoy the trip.

For a start, no one will ever fight with you;

  • Which side of the bed you should take?

  • What time to wake up in the morning for breakfast?

  • Where you should “display” all your toiletries

  • Where and when you can visit that place of interest

  • How long you should stay at on place or when you can leave as soon as you reach since you find it boring

  • What to eat and when to eat, or should you even eat?

When traveling alone you want to slow down your pace but you don’t want to isolate yourself in your room. Go to a street side café enjoy a cup of ice latte and look around and see what other people are doing in their daily life. We may learn a few things from them.

Taking pictures of your surroundings capture the moment and not just selfies; this will be kept in your memories for a long time to come whenever you look at them again.

In school we are taught not to talk to strangers but this not so when you are traveling alone. Don’t be shy, go ahead and talk to the person next to you, talk to the locals, you will find that there is a bigger world out there than the one you are familiar with at home.

Having an experience to travel alone will give you a different perspective of traveling. You may like it or you may not but it is an experience that none can exchange it with you for anything in this world.


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