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How Covid 19 changes our life

social distancing is not isolation

Covid-19 will make its way to our history book. The chain of events is a wake call for many of us and countries around the world. The adversity of the situation is reported every day in the world news. The question that comes to mind is how prepared we are to apprehend such a catastrophe; in fact, the results have spoken for itself how it affected every single person around the world.

Businesses suspended and caused a domino effect in the world economy. Small businesses ' income is depleting, rental, salaries are running cost that is still there, disposable income for an individual reduced.

Back at home, we see many businesses closed their door; employees requested to take unpaid leave, pay cut, work from home (WFH) to survive this dreadful period, so we can live to fight another day.

There are uncertainties, and morale is low. Nevertheless, there are things we can do to keep ourselves positive and stay on our feet to fight this battle.

Food for thought

  • Clear the clutter in our study room, wardrobe, or even the kitchen. We all like to live in a clean and tidy place, and it gives us a clear mind of what we want to do next.

  • Put on our earpods, take a stroll in our neighborhood, slow things down a bit and take the time to look into ourselves, you never know what you can discover.

  • Social distancing is not isolation. Make a call to our parents, facetime our friends, given the opportunity to WFH, so take this period to spend time with your loves ones - your children, parents, and your significant half.

  • We have a goal that we wanted to achieve but hardly have the time to sit down to do it. So do it now.

  • Is there a habit we want to change? An attitude we need to improve? What about our lifestyle? Take this time to look into it and emerge as a new person when Covid-19 is over.

It can be as simple as making our bed, the first thing we do when we wake up every morning, if these seem elementary, then it is. We have moved so fast that we tend to overlook our basic.

Take this time to organize our life, starts with a small goal. Whenever we strike off a task, it is a small achievement to boost our confidence. Since the very beginning of life, Darwin's theory of evolution, or survival of the fittest, has applied itself.


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