Who is covered under WICA

As an employer, you are required to buy a work injury compensation insurance (WICA) policy for:


All employees are doing manual work, regardless of salary level.

  • E.g. Machine operator, production line operator, construction site supervisor and manager, commercial vehicle driver, warehouse operator, delivery-man

All employees are doing non-manual work, earning less than $1,600 a month.

  • E.g. Cleaner, office administrative staff, tea lady

Under Ministry of Manpower (MOM) regulations, all Work Permit and S Pass holders must be insured immediately upon their employment for both workmen injury compensation insurance (WICA) and Foreign work medical insurance (FWMI) or any other medical insurance that fulfill MOM requirement. 

Therefore if the new staff is none of the mentioned, employers had the option to insured their employee when they completed their probation period according to how employer draw out the employment contract.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to include all employee regardless of employment status to be included in the WICA immediately upon their employment. As it is the employer duty to pay compensation to the eligible employee, even if he is not covered under the WICA insurance if the claim is a valid claim for an accident-related in the cause of works.