Travel insurance claims documents requirements

All Claim required to provide a copy of your passport and complete travel itinerary.

The following is only a brief description of the travel insurance claim requirement and coverage. 

The policy may contain reductions, limitations, exclusions, and termination provisions.

Please refer to your specific policy terms & conditions.

Douments Requirement for Travel Claim

Medical expenses

Medical Expense provides reimbursement for medically necessary medical services and emergency transportation expenses during trip.

  • Original medical bills and receipts and applicable credit card/bank statements pertaining to claimed medical expenses.
  • Doctor’s memo / medical report / inpatient discharge summary.
  • Medical treatment, ER, and admit/discharge records detailing condition treated while on Trip for claimed medical expenses.
INJURY Claims due to accident - additional documents required
  • Accident / Incident / Police / ER Report(s) which detail accident.

Personal accident benefits (where applicable)

  • Death certificate.
  • Medical reports, autopsy and toxicology report.
  • Police report and findings on the alleged accident.
  • Copy of grant of probate or letter of administration.
  • Child’s birth certificate (for Child Education Grant Benefit).

Reimbursement of cancellation / postponement / curtailment / disruption

  • Booking confirmation/original invoice.
  • Letter of refund.
  • Medical report/memo from the doctor advising the fitness to travel.
  • Copy of the death certificate (where applicable).
  • Proof of relationship to insured.
  • Proof of unused entertainment ticket/frequent flyer points (for Disruption Benefit).

Loss / theft of money / fraudulent credit card usage

  • Hotel/police report/relevant authorities.
  • Written bank confirmation (for Fraudulent Credit Card Usage Benefit).
  • Bank investigation result.

Loss of travel documents

  • Police report.
  • Original transportations and accommodation receipts in obtaining replacement travel documents.
  • Original receipts for replacement/temporary travel documents.

Loss / theft / damage of personal effects

  • Property irregularity report / hotel / police report / relevant authorities.
  • Original purchase receipts.
  • Original repair receipts / quotations.
  • Compensation letter from airline / hotel / any other parties.

Travel delay

Trip Delay provides reimbursement for additional meal and accommodation expenses when a trip is delayed 24 or more hours due to a covered reason.

  • Airline letter on the flight delay.
  • Travel itineraries and boarding pass.
  • Travel itinerary showing all details of insured Trip (when/where/what)
  • Receipts for claimed for additional meal and accommodation expenses.
  • Common Carrier or other report which verifies the cause and duration of the delay.
  • Documentation showing any received or expected settlements, refunds, or credits for this loss from any other party.

Baggage delay

Baggage Delay provides reimbursement for clothing, toiletries, and other necessary personal effects if baggage is delayed for at least 24 hours during trip.

  • Travel itinerary showing all details of insured Trip (when/where/what)
  • Irregularity / Incident Report filed with Common Carrier confirming delay
  • Receipts for all claimed clothing, toiletries, and other necessary personal effects
  • Documentation showing any received or expected settlements, refunds, or credits for this loss from any other party.
  • Acknowledgement receipt on date and time baggage received.

Personal liability abroad

  • Third party details involved in the incident.
  • Details of any solicitor you have engaged.
  • All correspondence received from any third party or their representatives.
  • Original receipts.

Car rental excess charges

  • Copy of Original Rental Contract & Invoice
  • Police / Accident / Incident Report(s) which provide details of event
  • Copy of repair estimate/invoice.
  • Pictures of vehicle damage, including accident scene photos, if available.
  • Proof of any payments made to the Rental Car Company for damage.

Hole-In-One (Must must an organised event at any 18-hole golf course

  • cover the cost of one round of celebratory drinks
  • provide written confirmation from the Golf Club Professional that the hole-in-one was achieved
  • receipts for the cost of celebratory drinks on the date of the accomplishment at the golf club