Who pay first? Medisave or Employee medical insurance

Question: If I am covered under a GHS type of policy, and if I seek medical treatment for a condition in which I am allowed to use MediSave, how does the insurance policy make the payout?

(i) Full amount?

The actual amount of settlement depends on the policy limit and actual expenses incurred

(ii) net amount after Medisave deduction, or  (iii) pay the net amount after deduction and the Medisave component separately into my CPF?


  • If total medical bill incurred is $10,000, and the full amount of $10,000 is claimable under the insurance policy

  • You paid $7000 in cash and $3000 is paid using Medisave

  • The policy will reimbursement $7000 back to you and $3000 back to your Medisave account

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