DHL accident near 70 Tanah Merah Coast Road


Six men were taken to hospital after they were flung out of the back of a lorry following a collision with a DHL truck on Tanah Merah Coast Road on 27Jul19

This is an unfortunate road accident that we see often. However, many aftermath events will happen after this one accident, and both companies will face liability issues in terms of their insurance.

There are three basic insurance all companies need to have

The Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA) is one of the first insurance in question here. WICA lets employees make claims for work-related injuries or diseases, without having to take legal action including "To & from work." However, not all insurance company offers "To & from work" extension. So you or your broker/agent has to ensure that is included.

In this DHL accident at Tanah Merah Coast Road, WICA will trigger these sections of the policy.

Medical Expenses

The injury men will need medical attention, and medical expenses will be cover by the WICA policy. Under WICA, medical costs related to work accident for medical treatment received within one year from the date of the accident, or up to a maximum of $36,000, whichever is reached first is required.

Note: If medical bills exceed the maximum limit claimable under WICA, an employee can consider filing a civil suit instead.

Medical leave wages

Medical leave wages are compensation and not income. Both employers and employees need not contribute to CPF, and they are not taxable.

An employee is entitled to his full average monthly earnings up to 14 days and 2/3 of his average monthly earnings on the 15 days onwards up to 1 year from the accident.

as for hospital leave an employee is entitled to full average monthly earnings up to 60 days and 2/3 of his average monthly earnings on the 61 days onwards up to 1 year from the accident.

Some insurance company chooses to meet the requirement while some offers more.

Companies are thinking they have group health insurance and personal accident (PA) insurance policy, which is enough to compensate employees injured at work, this is a myth.

When did you your review your company insurance, are they suppose to do what they are designed to do when an accident happens?

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