Travel Insurance - What you need to know - 50% discount vs 25% discount

Travel Insurance premium discounts

We have seen many insurance companies, insurance intermediaries and banks offering travel insurance online with some offers as high as 50% discount. So are they really cheaper and better than the others are?

Here we have picked a few example and see what is really behind the discount. We are taking the three most important components in any travel insurance to make a simple comparison.

Overseas Medical & Hospitalization Expenses (OME)

Accidental Death & Total Permanent Disablement (ADPD)

Emergency Medical Assistant and Evacuation (EME)

This illustration is based on a single trip for an individual travelling to Japan from (02Jul17 to 11Jul17) a total of 10 days.

Compare travel insurance B
Compare travel insurance D
Compare travel insurance E
Compare travel insurance F
Compare travel insurance G
Compare travel insurance H

We discovered the % of discount is not really a factor that give us the cheapest premium. The insurance components from each insurance company is also different.

Higher discount factor is not equal to cheaper premium nor better coverage.

#information stated as of 01/Jul/2017 is correct. The terms & conditions, premium of each insurance company may change when the promotion period is over.

travel insurance for per trip
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