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10 companies with employee benefits you won't believe

Updated: Mar 3

Tech companies keep upping the ante to attract new talent and keep current employees happy, and in the process, they've manage to change how businesses approach benefits. These 10 companies haven't stopped at free food and fitness reimbursements.

Startup culture introduced a lot of change to the traditional workplace by normalizing open office plans, fun break rooms, free food and flexible schedules. Part of these perks are a way to compete for the top tech talent, but they also serve as a way to keep current employees happy, encouraging them to stay with the company for the long haul.

But now that companies like Facebook, Google and HubSpot have grown up, moving past their startup nature, they've started taking employee benefits a step further, offering huge benefits to workers. These 10 tech companies each offer employees at least one benefit that flies in the face of traditional employee benefits.

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