PCS Claim Process

What to do

In the event of a loss:

  • Take all necessary measures to prevent and avoid further loss or damage to your article / property.

  • Do not dispose of any damaged article/property without insurance company’s prior approval. Insurance company may require them for inspection and/or to be surrendered for salvage purposes.

  • Lodge a police report immediately if the article/property is lost and/or damaged due to robbery, burglary, theft or a malicious act.

  • For cases involving bodily injury or damage to article/property of a Third Party, do not make any admissions, offers, settlements, promises or payment, or conduct any negotiations, without insurance company’s prior written consent. Note down the particulars of the Third Party with details of the nature and extent of the Third Party’s claim. These should be provided to the insurance company promptly so that they can take over conduct of the claim.


How to make a claim

contact us at:

+65 85880120

You will need to submit your claim within 30 days of the loss or damage.