Employee Benefits

Employee Medical Insurance or Employee benefits (EB) has become a norm in Singapore. In most cases, it is a part of an employment package. Many potential candidates see employee benefits (EB) as necessary as the remuneration package.


Is there an ideal approach and design for employee benefits (EB) - to attracting and keeping quality employees?


Having a high turnover of personnel means a steeper learning curve and thus loss of profit and staff-hours.

There are more than 20 insurance companies offer employee medical insurance benefits solutions.


Our employee insurance plans offer:


  • Package plan - with minimum three members to starts 

  • Customized plan - flexible benefits, Cost containment and ease of administration (e-claim submission) 

  • Wellness program - including health talks and onsite health screening


These days’ employees are looking for more than just a good salary. They want a comprehensive employee benefits program that is built into their remuneration package and specifically designed to look after their welfare.

A business is only as good as its employees; this makes your employees your most valuable resource.


Keep them healthy, happy and loyal by offering them with a comprehensive compensation & benefits program.


We will help you create an Employee Benefits plan that will allow you to maximize benefits while minimizing your costs.

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