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Is there a minimum number of employees to enroll for employee group medical insurance?

  • Employers can enroll in a plan even if they have 2 employees.

Is a medical examination required to enroll an eligible employee?

Customize employee medical benefit

  • An employee needs to answer a health declaration form if the group size is less than 12 employees. A further medical examination may be required if the underwriter deems it necessary.
Package Plan
  • General health declaration is required in the application form, no medical examination is required for an eligible employee.

Our staff is excluded from our group critical illness coverage due to his pre-existing condition. Can we appeal? Can we pay an extra premium to include him?

Once an employee is excluded from the policy, it will be a challenge to include him onto the policy due to his pre-existing condition. We still can appeal to the underwriter to include him, and these are the three possible result we may get after the appeal Firstly, the insured will have to obtain a medical report from his attending doctor to certify his current condition and the member will have to bear the examination cost from his own pocket. Three possible results from the underwriter

  1. The case is still decline
  2. Extra loading of premium may apply
  3. Extra loading of premium apply, still exclude diabetic condition and all illness that may be caused as a result of this condition.

Can we enroll for outpatient benefits (GP and Specialist) only?

Outpatient benefits such as GP, Specialist and Dental are riders to Group Medical Insurance. As such you can not sign up the riders without Group Medical Insurance. However, employee can sign up the stand alone (per per use) outpatient benefits, if you are not signing up for the Group Medical Insurance.

We only want to include dependents coverage for selected employees. Is this allowed?

You can select ALL employees in the same category to include dependents coverage. But you can not hand pick which employee to have dependents coverage.

All senior executives are not entilted to include dependents coverage, but you hand pick a senior manager to include dependents coverage because you have a special agreement with him - This is not allowed.


Can I do e-claim submission?

  • We can arrange e-claim submission for GP, Specialist, and Dental claims


Group Term Life

Can we add dependents for Group Term Life and Critical Illness Benefits?

Only full-time employees under the company's payroll is eligible for Group Term Life and Critical Illness benefits.

Group PA

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